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We normally start our season in April when we can get into the last of the run of Spurdogs out in the deeper water, also around this time the Small Eyed and Blonde Rays start to put in an appearance. As we move into May the Rays become more prolific and the Smoothounds start to get going in earnest, towards the end of the month the Tope also show up. The first 2 weeks in June are the prime time for the Tope with the Smoothounds still going strong throughout June, over 50 Hounds a trip is not uncommon ( if you`ve got enough crab ). Towards the start of June the Mackerel start to arrive giving the general bottom fishing a boost. As we get into July the summer fishing is in full swing with a large variety of fish to be had Black Bream, Bull Huss, Conger, Dabs, Gurnard, Triggerfish to name but a few, this continues through until the end of September. August can be our best month for the Small Eyed Rays. In recent years during July, August and September we`ve started doing species trips for parties who book the full boat and have found them to be popular with parties who like to add a competitive edge to a fun day out. Generally October spells the start of our winter season with Codling, Dabs and Whiting being the main species. Nearly all our fishing is done at anchor, over sandbanks, reefs or mixed ground, if you fancy a trip give me a ring first because the size of tide can make a big difference to the type of fishing we do on the day.

Ashley Williams 68lb 8oz Tope

Stuart Williams 45lb 8oz Cod

Kevin McGrath 4lb 3 oz Triggerfish

Steve Welke. Tub Gurnard

Gerwyn Dicks. Bull Huss

Steve Webb. Smoothound

Roy Reed Spurdog

Richard Shaw Thornback Ray

Dan Grant Bass

Dean Williams Conger

Greg Laycock Small Eyed Ray

Dave Frampton Blonde Ray